we are humans for nature


Discover our programs that help us fight climate change.

Our Journey

Our approach is to activate communities together with whom we identify local climate challenges and start solving them as an ecosystem.
Our journey starts with nature exploring and educational programs. The goal of this stage is to connect more people with nature and harvest the feeling that “humans and nature are one”.
We continue the journey by collecting climate challenges and start the ideation process to find solutions together with the ecosystem.

From this point, we start accelerating teams committed to scaling their solution and building global startups.

Calls for Climate Challenges

In May 2021, we invited Climate Challenge Owners to address any particular problem, issue, topic, or obstacle identified related to climate change or affecting the environment.


In June In 2021, we organized The Climate Hackathon.

We were on the quest for individuals or teams ready to create a project or prototype that could innovate or improve an existing climate solution.

Black Sea ClimAccelerator

BlackSea ClimAccelerator is the program for entrepreneurs with eco-innovative solutions.

In 2021, we were part of the organizing consortium.