we are humans for nature

Our Manifesto

Discover the strong drive that made us start The Climate Vertical.

We believe humans and nature are one.

The world is an amazing place! It is the quintessence of balance and harmony. We don’t have any other existing similar example in this Universe. It is unique.

It took millions of years to reach this point of equilibrium where we humans can enjoy life because nature is providing us with everything, from physical to mental and emotional needs. Nature is us and we are nature.

We are grateful today for being able to enjoy a blooming flower, eat fruits directly from a tree, run and enjoy the cool breeze of Spring when nature comes to life after winter. The sunrise makes our day, a falling leaf is freshening up our mojo, a singing bird unleashes a cool symphony in our hearts, the ocean’s waves clean up our minds, and the trees are whispering: “hug me, friend!”. We live in the present and enjoy the small joys of life, often overlooked and underappreciated, but with the power to uplift the human.

We are aware that once the harmonic human-nature union is broken, the fall of the human begins. The only danger foreseen now to threaten the human-nature balance is human behavior itself, or, better said, human ignorance. It is us!

What if all of these nature-provided joys would disappear one day? What if even only one would disappear? We know life would not be the same.

What would our kids tell us if they would know we could’ve done something to save the planet but we didn’t do much? Often because of our ignorance and comfort.

We want to be able to look our kids in the eyes and tell them we did care about their future and started a movement that helps regain human nature balance.

We, the team, are all different, with different backgrounds, but we all have in common our love for nature. Probably we have always had nature deep down in our hearts as we are one, but today we are feeling a much stronger sense of belonging. A click has happened. We have become humans for nature, aware and active in changing our behavior in order to reverse the negative impact on climate.

What we realize today is that nature was always around us, everywhere, we just needed a click to start seeing it and adapt our behavior to maintain the balance. Everyone should have this chance, so let’s create it together and inspire everyone.

We are the humans for nature community. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for to save the nature. We are in this together. Join the movement!

Together with the ecosystem, we inspire and accelerate teams to solve critical climate challenges.