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Good for the Community, Good for You

Discover our latest initiative dedicated to the community and the environment, through which we aim to make a significant change towards local sustainability.

About the Project

Focused on the future, Sustainable Vicov is dedicated to students, placing them at the core of our actions. Considering the climate changes and pollution threatening the planet’s balance, we have decided to concentrate on educating and guiding the youth. Through interactive workshops and practical activities, we teach students not only the importance of recycling, selective collection, and sustainability but also how to become leaders of a greener future.

Every tree planted and every creative idea contributes to nurturing a conscious generation, ready to make significant changes in the local community. Sustainable Vicov is more than just a project; it is a school of responsibility where students learn not only to respect nature but also to befriend it.

Through this initiative, we prepare young people to become leaders of a more sustainable future. Join us and be part of this transformation, where education becomes the power that changes the world! Only together can we achieve Good for the Community, Good for You.


Friday, 10th of November 2023

14:00 – Event Opening

14:20 – Speech by Ioana Cerescu CEO @AER Piatra Neamț

14:40-16:00 – Workshop on Identifying Recycling and Selective Collection Problem and Solutions

16:00 – Conclusions

Saturday, 11th of November 2023

09:30 – Meeting in front of the high school

10:00-12:00 – Planting fir tree seedlings

12:00 – Speech by Guest Vasile Iliuț, Mayor of Vicovu de Sus

12:30 – Award Ceremony

Meet the team

Vlad Gliga​

CEO The Climate Vertical

Bogdan Șorodoc

Community Builder

Diana Grosu

Community Builder

Ioana Cerescu

Community Builder

Elisabeta Năstase

Community Builder

Dana Popa

Community Builder