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Elevate your Idea @UBc

Good for the Community, Good for You

A bootcamp dedicated to inspiring and educating young people, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit by promoting innovation and sustainability in the local community.

About the Summer School

The Climate Vertical, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurial Society for Students of “Vasile Alecsandri” University in Bacău, is organizing a three-day summer school for students. This initiative serves as an incubator for entrepreneurial ideas, supporting young individuals in developing and validating innovative concepts, providing them with a conducive environment for learning and collaboration. The program is designed to refine initial ideas and transform them into actionable business plans, promoting sustainability projects and positive impact within the community.

Through this project, a framework is established to work together on validating an idea, discover market potential, as well as to develop innovative solutions to various local challenges. Creative ideation within the Bacău community is facilitated by working alongside mentors and specialized partners from diverse fields, as well as successful local entrepreneurs. Among the key partners are Rubik Hub, Volta X Solar Systems, and Autonom. The primary objective is to promote innovation, encourage entrepreneurial spirit, optimize processes, and support the development of viable projects that benefit the community.

The three days will culminate in a Demo Day held at the Autonom headquarters in Piatra Neamț, during which students will pitch their ideas to an experienced jury.


1st of July, 2024

Covering the basics

  • Ideation workshops, team building, lean canvas, validation, persona, and MVP
  • AMA session with an entrepreneur

2nd of July, 2024

Hands-On Work and Mentorship

  • Applied workgroups – peer-to-peer learning
  • Idea validation with potential customers
  • Mentorship sessions with experts
  • Workshop: How to Pitch

3rd of July, 2024

Demo Day 

  • Finalizing the pitch – team work
  • Pitching session in front of a jury
  • Awards ceremony

Team & mentors

Vlad Gliga​

CEO The Climate Vertical

Antoaneta Pop

Co-founder @AlertaCUI

Ionuț Pintrijel

Founder @MouseMedia

Ela Asaftei

Community Builder

Elisabeta Năstase

Community Builder

Raluca alexandrescu

Serial Entrepreneur

Valentin Țoc

Community Builder

Ionuț Amariei

Community Builder

Horia Dragoslav

Workshops facilitator

Mihaela Bourceanu

Marketing & Communication Strategy Expert

Radu Grigore

Business Analyst

Cristiana Prună

Marketing Specialist

The Jury

Ioana Cerescu


Adriana Dabija

Risk Control Manager

Iulian Crasmaru

Director General Adjunct @Volta X Solar Systems

Antoaneta Pop

Co-founder @AlertaCUI

Project Partners

Logo SAS