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Call for Challenges 2021

We invited challenge owners to share with the community the climate challenges they were facing.

We brought together startup teams, specialists, corporates, public administration to join forces and solve the climate challenges.

We asked climate enthusiasts to send us climate challenges. We then selected six of them and addressed them in The Hackathon.

A four-steps journey


Identifying climate challenges with the help of the community


Matchmaking between the challenge owners and community members (startup teams, experts, specialists, climate enthusiasts)


Hackathon for developing solutions to solve the selected climate challenges


Follow-up support for 6 months to materialize the solutions

Selected challenges


Increasing green spaces inside cities – parks, gardens with different local birds and trees


Sustainable transportation – bicycles, public transportation, car sharing, etc.


Using the empty spaces between buildings in a sustainable way


Reducing plastic consumption


Aeroponic systems


Waste from forests, lakes and rivers


Identifying more efficient waste management and waste reduction solutions


Education and communities dedicated to nature, in the public space


Using AI and technology for identifying waste in nature and reducing it

What is a Challenge?

For this open call, a Challenge should be understood as any particular problem, issue, topic or obstacle related to climate change or affecting the environment. Here are some examples of climate changes topics that a challenge owner can register to this call: Water Quality, Air Pollution, Waste Management, Deforestation and Land Degradation, Chemical and Toxic Emissions, Dispersion of Clean Energy Technology, Resource Management.

But please note that these are only some examples and challenge owners can register with any issue linked to climate change. We are interested in learning from the community what other challenge categories should be considered.

Who is a Climate Challenge Owner?

A challenge owner can be anyone from the following:

  • SMEs
  • Corporations
  • Public Authorities
  • Universities
  • Policy makers
  • NGOs Climate enthusiasts
  • Any other person or team that has identified a climate change issue

All applicants must be open to collaboration with startups and TCV community members to identify & prototype potential solutions to address the selected climate challenges.

What are the benefits for the Climate Challenge Owner?

  • Gain access to startup teams, experts and develop a bespoke solution from Startups that address your climate challenge
  • Gain access and develop new partnerships with other challenge owners interested in solving the same challenge or a similar one
  • Minimize time and risks by obtaining relevant input and help from TCV community
  • Learn & explore different solutions to tackle the challenge and discover new approaches.
  • Accelerate your solution prototyping,
  • Visibility through TCV digital channels, events and community
  • Make the world a better place!

How will TCV support the Climate Challenge Owner?

  • Lead the search, identify and select the right Startups for your challenge
  • Support in the identification and framing of a suitable challenge topic and make it understandable to the Startups or experts in the market
  • Support in building the solution from TCV partners
  • The possibility to participate in TCV next programs and receiving financial support to tackle the challenge.

Together with the ecosystem, we inspire and accelerate teams to solve critical climate challenges.