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Hackathon 2021

Between June 14-18, 2021, we organized The Climate Hackathon.

We were on the quest for individuals or teams ready to create a project or prototype that could innovate or improve an existing solution to a climate challenge.


  • Receive an initial validation from experts.

  • Networking and access to the community of experts.

  • Resources, products, services and surprises offered by partners and sponsors.

  • Support from The Climate Vertical team.


  • Increasing green spaces inside cities – parks, gardens with different local birds and trees 

  • Sustainable transportation – bycles, public transportation, car sharing, etc.

  • Using the empty spaces between buildings in a sustainable way

  • Reducing plastic consumption

  • Finding better ways for waste management and waste reduction

  • Waste from forests, lakes and rivers

Selected solutions

Together with the ecosystem, we inspire and accelerate teams to solve critical climate challenges.