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Sustainable Alternatives in Valea Jiului Bootcamp

November 7, 2022

The European Union has committed to phasing out coal-based energy by 2030. The amount of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas that increases global temperature) emitted by coal-fired power plants is particularly high. Romania has announced that it will gradually exit from coal energy until 2032. But what do the alternatives look like for areas like Valea Jiului, which are almost completely dependent on coal? And how can a fair transition be achieved?

We believe that solutions can be identified at the intersection between entrepreneurial and NGO initiatives. Thus, we invite those concerned about the community from Valea Jiului to an Ideation Bootcamp on November 12, organized by The Community Lab 2022 – Post Coal Future Lab.

Sign up if:

  • you have a solution that solves an existing problem in Valea Jiului and you need support for developing it
  • you are part of an NGO that carries out activities with impact in the community of Valea Jiului and you need help on the sustainability side
  • …or if you are passionate about issues in this community and want to get things moving

The first step to sign up is to fill out this form, and then we will contact you. Participation is free.

We structured the bootcamp is structured in 4 parts: 

  • The co-creation process – we’ll identify the needs of our community from Valea Jiului 
  • The introspection process – we’ll talk about what the things that bring you joy are, what your values are and how they manifest in your everyday life, what your passions are
  • The ideation process – we’ll discover how you can turn your passion into an impactful business, and how you find solutions to problems in the community; then you’ll present your ideas and seek teammates for your project 
  • Funding sources – we’ll discuss alternative funding methods you can access for your idea’ll

What is next?

We continue to offer support after the bootcamp, through a series of events organized until the end of the year:

  • An online hackathon, where the solutions outlined in the bootcamp are better defined and then presented in the form of a pitch
  • A webinar on alternative financing methods (such as crowdfunding or grants)
  • An international conference where we discover best practices of fair transition in the coal-dependent regions


In addition, we will support the most motivated teams in the process of implementing the idea.

About the initiative

The Community Lab 2022 is an initiative funded by EIT Climate-KIC that aims to address the complex challenges of the energy transition, contributing to making it just, community-driven and focused on positive visions of sustainable development. It aims to strengthen the ecosystem of organizations, experts and leaders (formal and informal) in Central and Eastern Europe working towards the transition of coal-dependent regions to a zero-carbon economy. Based on previous editions of the Community Lab and the Post-Coal Future Lab platform, the focus is on coal-based regions in: Poland (Greater Poland, Silesia), Czech Republic (Silesia-Moravia) and Romania (Jiu Valley). In this edition, the Community Lab partners are: EIT Climate-KIC, Agirre Lehendakaria Center, WiseEuropa, The Climate Vertical and Impact Hub Innovation.

Together with the ecosystem, we inspire and accelerate teams to solve critical climate challenges.