we are humans for nature

Why wait for tomorrow?

Start today!

Together with the ecosystem, we inspire and accelerate teams to solve critical climate challenges.

We see, feel and appreciate the harmony between humans and nature. We very well understand how nature can feed, heal and uplift humans. We hope that the generations can experience these joys as well, therefore we do whatever it is in our power to enable it.

We support you with



1-to-1 mentorship with us, startup founders and industry experts.


Access to community

Experts, mentors, founders, investors, corporates, public authorities.


Access to testing clients

Access to testing clients where you can validate the solution.


Access early-adopters

Support to find your first clients to roll out your solution.


Access to investment

Get exposure to our investors network.


Access to grants

We connect you with European grants related to climate solutions.

We are part of the first-ever Green Ecosystem Overview Report in the Black Sea area.

Are you a startup founder, mentor, investor, sponsor or simply a climate enthusiast? Come join us! ♥